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Judith McNicol


Two Nesing Birds




Bird Gallery Interior

Bird Gallery

Portrait Collage

Racket Face

I used to be an earth scientist, but when I became ill with M.E., I found myself becoming an intuitive artist and exploring interior rather than exterior worlds. Using my geologists' pen, I began drawing maps of my inner universe, where I was able to explore the meaning and origin of matter even more easily than before. The key to understanding the nature of matter seems to lie in the nature of the ink line - for, like stem cells or primal particles, the line can become anything at all; it can grow into anything in the cosmos, and often does. I never know in advance what the line will become, so each drawing is an exciting voyage towards new understanding. During my recuperative walks, my attention was continually drawn to bits of rubbish and junk discarded on pavements, gutters and skips. I have become an avid Bag Lady, and have found myself using these pieces of unwanted rubbish to make bird-creatures - symbols of the soul. Many of these reside in their own Bird Gallery (shown below). Just as in my drawings, I endeavour to transform matter from one form to another, each time giving birth to a new life-form. Art and science are one, just as we are one with all things.

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