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Liz Parkinson

Beware of sharks

Blood suckers

Burning up

Burning up and freaking out

Horned woman

Hot birds

Bird woman

Snake queen

Woman with birds, snakes & caterpillars

Woman with fish, snakes & other people

Liz Parkinson comes from Australia and lives in a seaside town north of Sydney. She is a self-taught artist, and after leaving school, she completed an Economics degree and became a teacher. Later she became a silversmith and author, while creating art when she had a chance.

She lives in a place surrounded by the forest and the sea, with a yard full of wild bush turkeys, and a roof full of possums. Her work draws on the environment around her with its unusual wildlife, and images from her subconscious. The result is often a combination of mythical beings, recognizable creatures and dream-like settings.

Her work is included in a number of public and private collections, and three of her drawings are included in the Collection de L'art Brut in Lausanne.


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