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Fiona Adamson

Blue Legs


Gazing Woman

I have been making things since I was a small child able to help my mother make a garden from wasteland behind our house. I loved the feeling of being in touch with the earth, the smell of it and the texture of it, especially when it could be made into mud pies, mountains and valleys with rivers flowing through them! I also loved seeing seedlings come to life and eating the vegetables we grew.

Since becoming a bit more grown up I have found that working with clay evokes that earlier joy I had as a child. I have been to a number of evening and day classes over the past 10 years, learning to throw pots, to make hand-built items, and get the hang of glazing and firing. However, since finding a lump of clay by the roadside while on holiday several years ago, and turning it into a reasonable likeness of Judith's head, I have been more and more interested in the human figure and in portraits. I just love people-watching and since I live in such a multicultural part of England I have vast range of wonderfully different faces to watch and study when I travel on tubes and buses.

The key thing I am learning is that making art brings me great pleasure, and satisfies a very ancient human need to create something that is unique. I may be able to create something of a likeness in my portraits, but that is less important than being fully engaged in the creative process.

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