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Kate Bradbury

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Some years ago,whilst living in the basement of a crumbly house in North London,I began making sculptures,assemblages and pictures from the objects and materials left behind by previous unknown tenants. When the house fell down,I moved into a conventional flat and continued to collect street junk and found objects to turn into new creations. Whilst my sculptures are often colourful, when making pictures I use black ink on Chinese paper and like to create dense patterning.

I have no formal art education but enjoy visiting exhibitions and have shown my own work in small London galleries. In addition to making visual art I write and perform songs with my brother as Diego Brown and The Good Fairy and together we have produced "The Good Book",a compilation of our songs for which I provided the illustrations. My work is often influenced by or directly integrated with the lyrics and music as the become another dimension of the creation.

One day I would like to give up my job making sandwiches and spend every waking hour with a hammer, pen or ukulele in my hand. And every sleeping hour too if possible.

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