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Sue Kreitzman

I have had a long and successful career as a food writer, but several years ago I suddenly stopped writing and cooking, and began drawing and painting instead. It was almost as if a violent fever had overtaken me (a fever which still rages), made all the more mysterious by the fact that I had never done such a thing before.

My work is completely untutored and raw (as far as technique and materials are concerned, I make it up as I go along), intensely personal and involves colour, food, freedom and the female landscape. I fashion imagined goddesses, glimpsed strangers, close friends, personal female heroines, both real and mythological - (Josephine Baker, Frida Kahlo, Eve, Medusa...) - and self portraits, and surround these powerful female images with symbols from my inner life.

I paint on paper or on found wood, with nail varnish and acrylic. Many of the paintings are embellished with buttons, broken jewelry, toys and other bits of profound junk. I also make 'Memory Jugs' and other assemblages; strong and almost shamanistic, object - festooned three dimensional portraits.

Deeply moved and inspired by tribal art and religious iconography of all kinds, I believe that images and objects that have been created with passion can take on immense power. They certainly have power over me; the more I produce, the more I am driven to produce.

My work appears in collections in the U.K. the U.S, Australia and Europe.


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