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Rosemary McLeish

The Yurt That Dreams Made

This is the horse
all glossy and glowing
that pulls the cart
all painted with flowers
that carries the yurt
that dreams made.
This is the leather
all crumpled and torn
that covers the roof
that fits on the walls
of withies and thorn
that hold up the yurt
that dreams made.
These are the chattels
all patterned and drawn,
the quilts and the rugs
all woven and worn,
the silks and the sequins
made to adorn,
that all have a place
in the yurt
that dreams made.
This is the maiden
all forlorn
who bridled the horse
painted the cart
collected the objects
embroidered the quilts
wove the rugs
decorated the walls
built the frame
raised the roof ...
designed the yurt
that dreams made.

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