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how it started


From the creators of 'WOW!!'


Flashier & Trashier: The Exhibition

Coming Soon to a Crypt Near You!!


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From November 2008 to January 2009, we filled Novas Gallery with our art -London has never been the same.

We created  weird assemblages, powerful paintings, profound collage and spectacular sculptures.And let's not forget our stitched creatures, glittering goddesses built of detritus, a tiny yurt, and a giant Medusa. You  laughed, you cried, you reveled in our amazing visions, colourful whimsies and deep perceptions.

There is a myth that women slowly begin to disappear as they age. In their forties they lose definition, after fifty, they are fading away, in their sixties, they become totally ineffectual, and by the time they reach their seventies, they have achieved total invisibility. What an absurd, vicious and laughable rumour; what UTTER NONSENSE.

We are loud, we are raucous and we are thrillingly, vividly visible. We are Outsider Artists so we do things exactly as we please.



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